What's Goin' Down? (Summer 2023 Edition)

Holy smokes. We're halfway through 2023! How did that happen??! Life is looking very different right now... but I couldn't be more excited.

A Cool Thing!

I met producer and friend Mack Damon at the end of 2010. He produced my Rearranged album, and has used me as a session player on literally hundreds of tracks for various artists across different styles. Fun fact: when I was 11 I learned about the Wrecking Crew from the 60s (a legendary group of studio musicians that played on SO many of the best songs of the era) and thought "MAN! I want to be a session musician when I grow up!" Who'da thunk?? I couldn't be more thankful.

Mack is one of my favorite humans, and working with him over the years has been a primary contributor to who I am as a producer. Even though we've technically been "competitors", all he's ever done is support and encourage me - even showing me things that would allow me to become better at my craft.

As of May, we've officially partnered at his RIDONK studio space in Helotes at Stone Creek Sound. It's beautiful, and it just has a vibe that encourages creativity. It's only been about six weeks but I'm already excited at what's going down - and what I know is coming down the pike!

I've been lucky enough to work on so many amazing projects already, across a bunch of genres -

  • Raelyn Mercedes
  • Robbie Vee
  • Wes Taylor
  • Justin Gallegos
  • JR Herrera Band
  • Chuck Wimer
  • Jackson Wendell
  • Emily Monsen
  • Bobby Gossett
  • Brad Jenschke
  • Thomas Buley
  • Lee Towell

Dang just writing out that list is nuts! 12 artists in just 6 weeks. I'm excited to see what's in store!

I'm currently scheduling for July/August. Are you looking to record a full band song? An acoustic demo? A podcast (assembling a traveling/remote rig so I can come to YOU if needed)? Hit me up!

Another Cool Thing!

You may or may not know, but I'm a singer/songwriter and used to play about a bajillion shows all over the place. It's been a little while since I've played a true "Matt Adler Concert". Well on July 15 Austin Ausley is having an album release party @ 502 Bar. I played guitar and bass on his forthcoming record (which is FANTASTIC), and he asked that I join him on electric guitar. He ALSO asked me to open the show! So I'll be playing original tunes alongside cellist extraordinaire, Katie Boyd! Just like old times.

I can't wait!

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