What's Goin' Down? (January 2022 Edition)

Hello humans! I can't believe I've been in Austin almost a year! As a result of COVID, I suppose I haven't connected with as many people locally as I'd have liked to... but I've been blessed to have had some pretty cool opportunities since I've been here; opportunities to produce artists, play a few shows, lead worship, and meet some very cool people along the way.

Madler Music Matters
    Back in 2020 I wrote a song called “Worth the Wait” about my now-wife Bonnie. And last month on her birthday, I released it as a surprise for her -- without telling a soul! I remember when I was writing the song, it took a couple hours (and a failed first attempt) to get going. Then I came up with the lyric “you make me smile, but I’d rather look at yours”... I also started strumming a sort of country shuffle, and then the rest of the melody and lyric came within 20-30 minutes! It’s the closest thing I’ve ever written to a country song. I really leaned into that, featuring mandolin and pedal steel - along with my acoustic guitar. Check it out on Spotify and let me know what you think!
    I'm also in the very early stages of preparing the idea/songs for my next album. Stay tuned, I'm really excited about the early stuff and can't wait to share it!

    I also hope to play more shows: live-streamed and in-person. If you're looking to book a Matt Adler show, hit me up here and we will make it happen!

    The Within City Limits podcast (featuring Austin artists) is scheduled to have me on as a guest on Wednesday, January 26th. Excited to meet Guillermo and chat with him about all things Matt Adler Music! Will let you know when the episode drops.

  • Keep your eyes peeled for all the things!
Studio Stuff
It's kind of crazy to think that I've been in Austin for nearly a year. And I've been able to produce tracks for several artists from across the state (and country!)!

  • Madelin Mae (San Angelo, TX)
  • David Aghado (Galveston, TX)
  • John Anthony (Austin, TX)
  • Emily Taylor (Montana)
  • The No/Jack Project (San Antonio, TX)
  • the MANUP podcast (Austin, TX)

I've been blessed to have had the opportunity to do media/technology/communications for a men's group called MANUP since I've been in town. We meet in-person in neighborhoods throughout the city. At our gathering at Austin Baptist Church, I film and record audio. This allows us to create and publish free video/audio content for men, churches, and men's ministries each week! Check out the MANUP web site, your podcast provider of choice, and/or the MANUP app.
Show Shenanigans
COVID has really limited show opportunities the last couple of years. But still, there have been some super cool events that I've been able to be a part of!

  • Hymns and Hops
  • MANUP events
  • Brazoria County Revival (Angleton, TX) with Justin Gambino
  • Christmas Candlelight Service @ 5 Stones Artisan Brewery
Worship Whatchamacallits (my alliteration proficiency ends with "W")
For the first time in my adult life, I'm not on staff at a church as worship leader/pastor. It's pretty dang weird! I do believe that I'm equipped for that and that I'll find myself connected to a church home where I can serve again. For now, I've been incredibly blessed and excited to lead worship all over Texas during the last year!

  • St. Andrew UMC (Plano, TX)
  • Lake Travis UMC (Lakeway, TX)
  • Surfside Church (Surfside, TX)
  • PromiseLand Church (San Marcos, TX)
  • CBCB (Bulverde, TX)
  • Wimberley FBC (Wimberley, TX)
  • Resonate Church (Dripping Springs, TX)
I am super excited for this next season! I'm hoping to have a lot more musicness in my life - new songs, new albums, new production opportunities, new shows, live streams, all the things. Stay tuned!

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