2 Years

My goodness. May 28th will mark TWO years since I left my 9 to 5 in favor of being a full-time musician. I think I’m doing life backwards. Isn’t it more normal for a person to do life as a musician and THEN get a job after years of toil on the road?! Oh wells. I regret nothing! (There’s more bloggy blog after the cat picture below)
Life without a paycheck is definitely something you never really get used to. One day I can be all like, “YO! I made a thousand bucks today! I’m FABULOUSLY wealthy!” And then a month later, “I haven’t made any money SINCE that thousand bucks!” I kid. Sorta. But not really. It’s definitely a different dynamic to get your money in ‘clumps’ rather than steadily via a paycheck. But I wouldn’t change anything. It’s an adventure! Or something…

Glory goes to God and God alone. A bit over four years ago my life hit rock-bottom. No friends. No relationships. No money. No plans for the future. My trust was completely shattered by the one person I thought I could count on. I was completely depressed. I thank God daily He gave me the strength to cling to Him. I could have easily resorted to unhealthy means of satisfaction. Once I really put my life in His hands He began to work. I now have the best friends I’ve ever had in my life. My community is such a blessing. They are my family. I work hard but I also get to have lots of fun. And God is my provider. Months that I’m $300 short of breaking even, I’ll get a random $500 check at the end of the month. It never fails. And it blows my mind each time.

If I can provide any sort of encouragement, it would be to look to God for your way in life. His plan will blow your mind, even if it doesn’t look like YOUR vision for your life. I NEVER wanted to be a producer or even considered it as a potential career path. I even shunned it because MY desire was to be an artist and only an artist. Yet here I am, two years removed from Him basically GIVING me a studio, doing what I love for a living. I realized that God was just providing another means for me to make a buck. It’s having these different income streams that allows me to pay the bills. But God also knows my passions (He gave them to me for a reason) and He has definitely allowed me to pursue my career as an artist by providing some amazing opportunities over this stretch. But He knew I would need another means to make a buck.

Furthermore, I would say that if you’re looking to make the jump towards pursuing your passion, it may take a leap of faith. You may never have all your ducks in a row, your i’s dotted or your t’s crossed. But don’t let that scare you into complacency. Before you know it, your window of opportunity may disappear. I don’t know if this is my final destination. I may need to “get a job” before all is said and done (::shudder::). But at the very least, I’m enjoying this season and am thankful to God that I get to experience it. I’m also excited to see where I’m headed next.

I want to thank everyone for giving me just a little space in your lives. Your support and encouragement knows no bounds and you’ll never fully know just how much I appreciate all you do.

See ya on da flippity flop,
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