Stages EP Update!

Howdy frans! I just wanted to shoot out a quick update on the Stages EP project! January is the month. Tony, Katie, Dave 1, Dave 2, and I are (am? is? English experts please comment to clear up this snafu) headed to the studio to track this record. Officially, the first recording session is January 2nd. I also have a photoshoot scheduled for the 11th. Huzzah!

Three new tunes have been added to the track listing (you can see the lyrics for the new songs at the end of this post). The final track list will be:

Love Will Find Me
The One That Got Away
All In
Promise in the Pain
This is the Last Time/Love Will Find Me (Reprise)
Love Anyway

I’m getting really excited about this album. As you progress through the record, the songs become more and more “indie”. FOr example, “This is the Last Time” is very Radiohead or Muse-y. Dark and haunting atmosphere, interesting and less “hook-y” melody. I actually had the main chord progression for this tune tucked away in my back pocket (figuratively) for 5 years or more. Never thought I’d ever pull it out and finish it! See below for the song lyrics.

Anywho, just a quick check-in today. Have a love-r-ly rest-of-your-week!

-Matty Poo


I gave it all
I gave the very best of me
And you returned the favor
I did you right
Then seemingly overnight
You changed your mind forever

Of what I knew
Of what could be
What I believed
Of you and me
And who I am inside

Could I ever be loved?

This is the Last Time

I fell so fast
Without a rhyme or a reason
This is the last time
I fell so hard
For the idea of a lover
This is the last time


Just because you were the best I ever had
Doesn’t mean that you’re the best that I can get
This is the last time


This is the last time

I’m right here waiting for you
and you’re waiting ’round for me too
So I won’t be looking for love
It’ll find me
You are out there

Love Anyway

The broken scars upon my heart
I won’t soon forget
And she will see them clear as day,
but I know
she will love me anyway
These faded lines are not just mine
She won’t soon forget
but I’ll let her know that it’s okay
’cause I know
I will love her anyway

It will be just an ordinary day
we’ll see an extraordinary twist of fate
I know that you’ll be worth the wait

All I am, what I have been
draws me to you
Even counting past mistakes,
still I know
you will love me anyway

For you I would go the extra mile
’cause you’ve been out here all the while
I can’t wait to see you smile

I’ll try my best to be the man you need
so you can see just what you mean to me
You’ll be mine and I’ll be yours
You’ll be the one my heart beats for

The broken scars upon my heart
I won’t soon forget
You will see them just the same
But I know
you will love me anyway

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