Holy Spirit of God

Hi everyone! I’m so super thankful and excited to announce the first single off of the Collective Worship album – “Holy Spirit of God”. Final vocal overdubs will be done in late August. The tune will be mastered immediately after, and then will be released through all major digital music retailers – Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon whatever, Google thing, and the rest. Expect a September release, but specific details are forthcoming! Here’s the cover art (more content below!):
From a “collective” perspective…

Stu Garrard of Franklin (TN), formerly of Delirious and current touring guitarist for Michael W. Smith, was gracious enough to play electric guitar on this tune and I just couldn’t be more thrilled with the end result. Dude is a legend and such a genuine and nice guy. Thank you Stu!

Chad Humphrey, worship pastor at FBC La Vernia (TX) is loaning me his voice for the mega-high male harmonies that I have no hope of hitting because I have the voice of a muppet. Will be done in a week or two.

Kara Lujan, a worship leader at University United Methodist in San Antonio (TX), will be singing the female aaahhhhhs and harmonies throughout. Will be done in a week or two.

Blake Alexander is a great friend and also my session drummer at Splendid Studios in San Antonio (TX). He laid down a killer drum track for the tune.

Sean Gutierrez, founder of Bloom Media House in San Angelo (TX), designed the cover art. He’s also a musician and has a co-writing credit on another track from the Collective Worship album.
Adam Grover, an incredible engineer for Sterling Sound in Nashville (TN), is mastering the single.
Mack Damon, a longtime friend and producer at Stone Creek Sound in Helotes (TX), provided some epic mixing help along the way.

The song itself is about the… um… Holy Spirit of God. It talks about the beauty of the God of the universe desiring relationship with each of us. And that we can come freely before the throne of grace and know Him, hear from Him, and commune with Him. It’s a prayer that I – and everyone – will not remain stagnant, but that He would stir revival in our hearts. And renewed vigor to pursue Him and walk in the Spirit. God can move in amazing ways if we would be obedient, so let that be the desire of our hearts.


Lord, You are beautiful
That we could come before
Your throne of grace
And meet face to face
Spirit of Heaven come
Meet with us here on earth
Here in this place
Lord, be in this space

Holy Spirit of God
Fall fresh on us

Open our eyes to see
Just what You have for us
Your kingdom come
Your will be done

Holy Spirit of God
Fall fresh on us

Burn like a fire
Flame rising higher
Awaken our hearts
Stir up revival

Holy Spirit of God
Fall fresh on us
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