Howdy all! I’m super excited to announce that after more than three years, I’m finally embarking on a new album project:
Over the last several years I’ve had a stirring in my heart towards original, corporate worship; writing music for the church and worshiping Jesus in community with others. I didn’t know exactly what that looked like, and for the longest time I didn’t even have the songs yet. But since I’ve been back in San Antonio, things have somewhat kicked into high gear.

I have this vision of worshipers from across the US helping me with this project, which will be divided into two parts. Half of the songs will be studio recordings, and the other half will be performed live at Stone Creek Sound, stripped down, and with as many worshipers as we can cram into the room singing along with us. The live-in-studio portion will be filmed and released online. I’ve never done anything like this before but I’m anxious to see it come to life!

Several friends have already committed to contributing to the studio portion of the project – Stu G. from Delirious (I’m fanboying all over the place), Brian Scoggin and Chris Huffman from Casting Crowns (two ridiculous talents and some of my favorite people), and a few others in the works. God has been opening some really cool doors and I’m excited to see His continued movement in my life and through this project. All glory to Him.

Stay tuned!
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