Who Is Collective Worship?

Gathering together as brothers and sisters in Christ is among the most life-giving joys of my life. God made a way for us to be redeemed. For us to be made new, and released from our sin and shame, our anxieties and our addictions. To be reconciled to Him and receive the reward of eternal life. Jesus chose to stay on the cross that day out of His pure, undeserved love and grace for broken and unlovable us. He is worthy of our praise.

Over the last seven months, I joined with some of my favorite people in the world to worship together – to write, sing, and play music for Jesus. Some of these people I’ve led worship with and done life with for over a decade, others only more recently so. They represent so many different walks of life, across denominations, age ranges, ethnicities, locations… all held together by the common thread of Christ’s love for us.

At last count – 57 different people (!) have been involved in the Collective Worship project, from all across the country. Check the map below!
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Below are the album credits as they stand today. I am truly overwhelmed by God’s orchestration of life that allowed me to know all of these people. I am also blessed beyond measure that they were all willing to offer up their time, talents, skills, and hearts to making this project a reality! -Matt

Diana Adler – vocals
Matt Adler – songwriting, music, vocals, production, mixing, recording
Tim Adler – recording
Lo Alaman – vocals
Blake Alexander – drums
Kathy Allen – songwriting
Maggie Amini – vocals
Gina Bain – vocals
Nate Bain – vocals
Andrew Bauer – vocals
Rebekah Bichsel – vocals
Katie Boyd – cello
Callen Brown – vocals
Emily Canupp – vocals
Savanna Canupp – vocals
Adam Carrillo – piano
Andrea Cox – songwriting
William Cox – videography
Mack Damon – mixing, recording
Milo Deering – dobro
Drew Essen – songwriting
Gabe Garces – recording
Stu Garrard – electric guitar
Christopher George – vocals
Adam Grover – mastering
Sean Gutierrez – songwriting
Hannah Head – vocals
Chris Huffman – bass
Chad Humphrey – vocals
Jenn Johnson – vocals
Laurinda Kwiatkowski – dialogue
Christina LaMotte – vocals
Andrew Lee – vocals
Jason Lester – songwriting
Brandy Lindsey – vocals
Kara Lujan – vocals
AJ Mather – recording
Krista Miller – songwriting
Karla Nivens – songwriting
Chad Overman – videography, songwriting
Shannon Owens – vocals
Jonathan Perry – songwriting
Sarah Reiner – vocals
Sophie Renker – violin
Jennie Lee Riddle – songwriting
Brian Rouche – dialogue
Caleb Saenz – art design
Brian Scoggin – drums, dialogue
Kaden Slay – songwriting
Mark Swayze – songwriting
Ben Smith – vocals
Megan Swisher – cello
Wes Taylor – recording
Joy Towell – vocals
Phil Vega – vocals
Ben Vela – drums
Dave Wilson – songwriting
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