I’m Baaaacckkk! — What’s Next?

Howdy friends! As you may or may not know, I moved back to San Antonio, TX two weeks ago after two years in west Texas. I learned a lot in that season and God refined my heart and taught me so many things. They loved me well out there and I was afforded many opportunities that were firsts in my ministry walk.

It’s already been a beautiful transition back to my home, with so many people reaching out to do life, check in, love and encourage me, do music together. It’s been so life giving, thank you all for who you are!

I wanted to let everyone know what my next phase of life was going to look like. I’m planning on pursuing music full time once again! Pursuing calling, in a variety of ways –

• I am re-opening Splendid Studios on the northwest side of San Antonio. Believe it or not, I’m coming up on ten years of operating that studio! As of July 2019, I charge $500 per song for full band and more elaborate projects, and $40 an hour for simpler arrangements. Those costs include full production/arrangement/coaching services, any session work I do (I can play acoustic and electric guitar, bass, keys, percussion, and do synth/drums programming), and mixing. Mastering a track is separate, and I charge $40 per song for that. Hit me up if you’d like to work on a project together!

• I am going to start looking for gig opportunities once more. If you know of a venue that’s good for singer/songwriters, of if you are in need of a guitarist, vocalist, bassist, drummer, or keyboardist, let me know!

• I am going to be leading worship at churches, camps, and the like. God’s called me into ministry and He’s not through with me yet! If you need a worship leader, please contact me!

• I am going to be doing session work for artists at other recording studios.

• I am going to be working on a vertical worship album for the church, and hope to collaborate with musicians and worship leaders from across the state. Excited about many of the songs I already have, and am also looking forward to seeing if there are any new songs that the Lord has for this project.

God is good and I don’t know what He has for me in this season yet, but I’m excited to see what it might be. Thanks for walking on this journey with me!

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