Back to SA we go!

Good day friends! Big changes are a-comin'! And I wanted to keep you in the loop.

My wife and I are officially moving to San Antonio this Saturday! We are excited to be purchasing a home and digging in roots together. I'll still be working a couple days a week at MANUP, but I'll also be accepting recording/production clients again. Huzzah! Got some new gear and learned some new tricks... I'm excited to bring it back permanently to my hometown of SA!

I currently charge $500 to produce/record/mix a full-band tune (up to 14 hours), and $40 an hour for simpler arrangements. However, for the first THREE people to submit a deposit and book a calendar date, I'll do a reduced rate of $400/$30-an-hour. LET'S GOOO!

I'll also be available to gig, play at churches, mix/master projects, and all the things. Hit me up if you hear of any opportunities!

Excited to see what's next!
- Matt

PS: to hear samples of my production work, click here.
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