Stages Song Stories vol. 1 – BTW/Love Will Find Me

Howdy frans! I thought it’d be fun to do a series on the stories behind the tracks on Stages (be sure to download the album for FREE if you haven’t already!). It IS a concept album after all. It tells the story of a failed relationship from a very personal perspective. Today’s tracks – “By the Way” and “Love Will Find Me”.

By the Way (Intro)

I love writing instrumental introductions to albums. I always write them from the perspective of – “how will this song work as the opener for a live concert?” Stages is no different. Additionally, ever since dubstep became a thing I’ve wanted to write a song with a dub breakdown in the middle. This is what came out of that combo. Funny story: as this tune is an instrumental, I had trouble coming up with a title for it. Then I thought: dubstep…dub…”bee tee dubs”…btw…by the way. Bam. Song title accomplished.
Love Will Find Me (Stage 1 – prior to meeting; contentment and non-expectation)

I wrote this song on November 12th, 2012 and immediately recorded a demo to share with the world. This was one of those songs that I wrote very quickly. I had a hook and concept for this song for awhile – “I won’t be looking for love, cause it’ll find me”. But it just so happened that on Monday the 12th I became inspired by circumstances in my life, so I started jotting down lyrics while at Local Coffee (aside: awesomeness. Aside #2: I’m there right now writing this post). It came together very quickly – when all was said and done, lyrics were completed in 20 minutes and music shortly thereafter (after a field trip to Splendid Studios).

“Love Will Find Me” is a very personal, autobiographical piece that hits home for me. I had begun finding myself impatient when it came to finding my long-term lady friend. But then one day after a good deal of prayer and meditation, I had a realization – God knows the person I’m supposed to be with. She’s out there RIGHT NOW living her life, perhaps feeling the same way as I am. God has known all along. He’s not going to let me miss her. And she’s going to blow my mind.


I’m okay with myself, but that’s not the issue
And I love where I am, but sometimes I miss you
A “you” that’s not there
But I won’t stop believing
that God knows just where you are
That’s relieving

I’ll be right here waiting for you
I know you’re near, but one thing is true
That I won’t be looking for love
It’ll find me

I’m alright, day to day, I’m not too lonely
But feeling this way, it could be only
that I miss the girl who’s not there
And I can’t stop believing
that God knows just where she is
It’s intriguing

I’ll be right here waiting for you
I know you’re near, but one thing is true
I won’t be looking for love
It’ll find me

It’s hard to believe that you are out there somewhere
And I can’t wait for the day when you’re finally with me

I’ll be right here waiting for you
I know you’re near, but one thing is true
Love will find me
You’re out there living your life
and someday you’ll be my wife
So I won’t be looking for love
It’ll find me

You are out there
About the Stages EP: Practically everyone has experienced a failed romantic relationship. At every phase of Matt Adler’s own past failed relationship, he wrote a song. These tunes have been compiled into an indie rock EP – Stages. Through this album, the listener is able to gain insight into all phases: contentment and non-expectation, excitement and relational discovery, enamor, the end, bitterness, recovery, confidence in the future, and hope.
So many folks are in similar seasons of life. The hope and prayer is that these songs can speak to people, wherever they may be. It’s important to realize that you are not alone. You are never the only person that goes through something. And ultimately, for most, only one dating experience will ever actually be a success. It’s the failures that make you more aware of what you do need and want for your life. Your person is out there, living his/her life right now. You’re not going to miss him/her, so be patient and know that you are loved.

Best friends came together to arrange this album and to define a brand new sound, infusing indie rock and organic elements with electronic drums and soundscapes. Fans of Gungor, Imagine Dragons, The Afters, and Muse will enjoy this album.
Download the album for FREE here!
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