"Out of Reach" Music Video = Underway

I just started working with Kim Scott (http://www.kimberlyscottblog.com/) and Rick “Rooster” Garza (http://www.facebook.com/BrightandEarlyProductions) on the new music video for “Out of Reach”. The experience definitely brought me out of my element a little bit.

I know exactly what to do when I’m singing and playing guitar. It comes naturally to me and I don’t look awkward as crappy crap crap. However, if you put me in front of a camera with NO guitar and ask me to look cool… I end up looking rather fail-y. At least I felt that way. It’s alright, though. Kim coached me well and she and Rick are so good at shooting video that I’m CERTAIN that the end result will be HUGE, brilliant and filled with happy.

Also, a word to the wise: although eating at the taqueria at a shady looking “La Michoacana” supermarket might SEEM like a good idea, it’s um… not.

Updates soon!
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