The Fall 2013 Boondoggle

Howdy do! Wow it’s been forever since my last “here’s what’s going on in the world of Madler” update. Life is good. I am super blessed. Life is also hard, but then you knew that already. My FAVORITE thing is the recent tripling of my health insurance premiums. Hooray! Alright, grumbling will now cease. On to the good stuff!

Numero uno, the band and I are about to hit the studio to arrange and record the new Stages EP. I am super duper pumped about this project. It’s gonna be different. Indie acoustic rock goodness with an electronic flair. Acoustic guitars, synths, cellos, percussion, basses… Our goal is to be unorthodox and creative; to make strange and unique sounds in strange and unique ways. It’ll be a concept album about all stages of a failed relationship. We’ll see what comes of it, but I for one am very excited!

Numero dos, I’ve been blessed to have played many cool concerts and worship sets over the last few months. October 18th I had the privilege of playing a show with The Digital Age and Bellarive out at Journey Fellowship. It was incredible. It was a fantastic night of music, worship, and community. I don’t think I’ll be playing too many shows through the rest of 2013, but they should start racking up nicely starting after the first of the year. I’m hoping to tour a decent bit on my latest record. Hoping to hit locations all over TX, perhaps Louisiana, Georgia, and Tennessee. I’ll keep ya posted!
Numero threeve (get the SNL reference?), during the fall season and likely through the end of the year, I’ll be hunkered down in the studio working with beaucoup artists on a variety of different projects. It’s been a blessing to work with these fine folks –

John David Martinez is a worship leader out at Community Bible Church (CBC). He is one of the nicest guys ever and we are working on a full length record called “Songs from the Shoebox.” This project has the most amazing backstory! (Cliff Notes version) JD had been writing tunes since the late 80s and would store his completed charts/lyric sheets in an old shoebox. The shoebox was lost for SEVERAL YEARS. It was rediscovered recently and now we’re in the midst of tracking the project. We’ve completed a few of the 11 total tracks already and it’s coming out great!

Eliseo Ballesteros is a singer/songwriter from right here in SA. He and I tracked a tune called “I Am” that is among the catchiest songs I’ve ever worked on. He’s currently giving the single out for free off of his web site and I highly recommend you grab a copy! I believe we will be doing more tunes in the future, so be on the lookout.

Renevus is a Christian indie rock band in the vein of Bellarive. We released a single this summer called “We Will Rise” that is currently available on iTunes. It’s 7+ minutes of atmosphere-y worship goodness. We are in the midst of tracking a 6-track EP, of which I am pumped! The tracks are super catchy, huge, and memorable.

Ryan Proudfoot is going to be jumping back into the studio to track a few new tunes. We put out a single in October called “A Man Named Job” that is currently available on itunes. It came out SICK. The new tunes will be similar in style, with maybe some drum loop-y yet folky elements.

Chad Chaney is a Christian singer/songwriter from Dallas, TX. He jumped on down to good ol’ SA to track three tunes with me for release on a 4-song EP (the fourth song was produced by none other than Asterisk Productions, also known as The Digital Age). These songs are memorable and they will stick in your head. I am really happy with the final arrangements. Some minor additions remain but by November 15th, we should be done. Chad’s an awesome dude and it was an absolute pleasure to work on these tunes and get to know him personally over the three days we tracked!

John Anthony is a Christian singer/songwriter from here in SA. I don’t really know what to call his musical style. Melodic, a little bit haunting, a little bit alternative, but also a little bit catchy/poppy. But one thing’s for sure, John is a gifted guitarist. He’s also a bona fide music nerd, a great dude with a great heart, and is incredibly talented. I believe we will be tracking more tunes in the upcoming months, so keep an eye out!

Freddy Echiverri has been working with me for several months piecing together an EP of the catchiest dang 90’s alternative rock tunes you’ve ever heard. This project has been very cool for me because I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to play a couple of shred guitar solos. Back when I was in high school, one’s perceived skill as a guitarist was directly proportional to the speed at which you could play the instrument. So naturally, my first love was shreddy guitar goodness. Now I NEVER get to do it, so it’s been an absolute blast!

As always, I’m always looking for shows and new production clients. Be sure to hit me up for opportunities!

Love, kisses, unicorns, and potatoes,

– Matt
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