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Howdy all you beautiful folks out there on the interwebs. I hope you LOVE the new mattadlermusic.com web site. I will be doing my very best to post a weekly video and blog, so keep checking back.

So you likely, maybe, possibly don’t know that on May 28th, 2012 I said “adios” to the corporate, 9 to 5 world (run-on sentence?). I have been self-employed for a month and two weeks at this point, and I’ve learned two things: 1) self-employment is way less stressful than the corporate world, and 2) self-employment is way more stressful than the corporate world.

Okay I’m an idiot. But hear me out – for the month of June, I blew my projections out of the water. I virtually DOUBLED my target break-even dollar figure. It certainly surpassed all my expectations. Once I had a reasonably comfortable pad of income over my break-even, I had ZERO stress for the duration of June. I would find myself at the swimming pool at 2pm on a Thursday, a time where I previously would have been tucked into my cube taking calls or writing code for a company that I didn’t care about (I visualize the standard cubicle configuration as sort of a human “whack a mole” game). Hence, number 1 – self-employment is way less stressful than the corporate world. NOTE: the corporate world is just not for me. I feel like I’m unemployable. But in no way does that mean that other people can’t thrive in that environment.

However, the first week of July has been slow so far. I’m actually BEHIND target for this month. Hence, number 2 – self-employment is way more stressful than the corporate world. I am responsible for my own paycheck. There is no “like clockwork” deposit that is made into my account. I constantly have to be drumming up business.

I know I’m barely a month into it, but honestly I wouldn’t change ANYTHING at this point. I get to record people, produce records, play on other artists’ albums and gig for a living. Even on the busiest days (I worked a 15 hour day last Saturday) I LOVE my life. I never want to stop. Thank God for this opportunity. I’m loving every minute of it.

– Matt
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