"Scattered" Art-Design Story

Howdy do Madler Minions! (Should that be a thing? That prolly shouldn’t become a thing…)

So this is cool. As you may have seen, the title track from our upcoming #ScatteredAlbum is being released as a single via iTunes on February 9th! The lovely and illustrious Richard Tobin (previous album credits: Matt Adler – The Sound, Matt Adler – Rearranged, and probably projects for many other artists too… Ha!) has so graciously decided to do all the artwork for this single and the upcoming full length album. I couldn’t be more excited!

He sent me his final digital cover for the upcoming single and I just love it. This morning I received a proof, along with a description of his vision when designing the artwork. Here’s what Richard had to say…
“My thoughts after hearing your song were pretty immediate. The resolving lyric ‘Why do we gather when we should be scattered?’ was especially important for me to consider when forming the art direction.

Simply put, if the white space is everything and each of the dots represents an instance of humanity, then the inner square is a visualization of the answer to your question. What is the answer? That’s up to the listener. To me, it’s a powerful lyric and I hope my interpretation is in line with what you meant when you wrote it.

Aside from that, in terms of overall vibe and aesthetic, it leans more towards the indie illustration vein (but still modern) and I think it’s more effective that way. I originally saw more of the pop vibe you referenced but everything felt too obviously tied to the examples [you provided me] and I wanted your single to stand up on its own instead of following current design trends. It just felt more natural this way. I hope you dig it!”

- Richard Tobin
Click here to read the full song story for the Scattered single. It’s about a topic near and dear to my heart. Peace out peeps! Mark February 9th on your calendars!

- Matt
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