What the DEALIO? (RE: Stages EP? merp.)

Howdy do! Wowza, it’s been a crazy season. I’ve moved both my studio and home into a new location (ie. the SAME location – I’ll be sure to post some pics when it looks better than it does :/) and it’s been a beeaaarrrr trying to get everything situated. So what does this mean for the Stages EP? I’m glad you asked!

Tracking for the Stages EP finished last night. I yelled things into a microphone and now all that’s left is to mix and distribute. Huzzah! I suspect the finishing touches will be in place over the next two weeks and then I’ll be thinking about scheduling an event to debut the new tuneskis. Looking at April or May. How neat is that?
And a super duper Madler THANK YOU to my band – Dave Brent, Dave Hernandez, Tony David Neely, and Katie “Davy” Boyd. Y’all are such a blessing and it’s an honor to play music and do life with ya. You make the music awesome.

Up and Comin’ Shenanigans

Got lots o’ shtuff coming down the pike:

It’s almost Spurs playoff time! Check out this Spurs song (“Drive for Five”) I wrote and recorded with my client and good buddy Ryan Proudfoot.

The band is playing the Riff House Review show at Sam’s Burger Joint on April 25th. Click here for details! We will be playing most of the upcoming Stages EP.

I’m opening for Newsboys, Rapture Ruckus, and 7eventh Time Down on May 9th @ Castle Hills Baptist! Click here for details.

The band is playing Zionfest in Fredericksburg, TX with Seventh Day Slumber and a bunch of other artists. This free event is on June 28th!

I’ll be headed out on a tour this August that takes me all the way through Texas and on to Colorado, where I’ll be playing Reach Out Music Festival with 7eventh Time Down and Ryan Stevenson. This free event is in Cortez, CO on August 23rd!

Well, that’s it for now. I will keep you posted on the goin’s on related to the Stages EP and the world of Madler. Peace, love, and chocolate milk.

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