What’s Going Down?! (Summer 2019 Edition)

Friends! Whoa boy, it’s been a whirlwind trying to get everything situated for the re-launch of Splendid Media Group. Studio work has kicked into medium gear (high gear soon!), I’ve started booking worship nights, concerts, and Sunday morning worship across Texas (dates in Dumas, DFW, and Houston are set in stone. Deets below!), I’ve done a few vocal coaching sessions, I’ve got some session work at other local studios in the works… it’s been awesome. God is good. This summer is shaping up to be crazy.
On the Splendid Studios/music production/session work front, I’ve had some cool projects come down the pike. Oddly enough, a large group of San Angeloans have made their way down to San Antone to kick off the first month of my studio re-launch!

The very first project I completed this summer was a voiceover for a Robert Massie Funeral Home TV commercial. It’s always fun to do something out of the box like this. Check out the final video!

Logan Reynolds is a film director out of San Angelo, TX and is working on a documentary film called Kingdom. He has asked me to provide several compositions and arrangements for the movie, slated for release in late 2019! Kingdom follows an American missionary and his Kenyan counterpart as they journey to remote areas in the Kenyan wilderness, encountering people whose lives have been changed by God. Check out the web site for more information. So looking forward to this! (8/1 UPDATE: the trailer for the film is out! Check it on the web site, I did the song on the last 1/3 of the video – the one that carries it to the end!)

The Lenards are a couple I used to serve with on the PaulAnn Church worship team. Caleb is a tremendous drummer and his wife Tabbatha has a voice to melt your soul. Come to find out, Caleb can play guitar as well (Caleb – I never thought I’d be playing guitar with you on a recording ha). They wrote a song called “Better” that is a beautiful tribute to Tabbatha’s great grandmother, with quite heartwarming lyrics. It’s sort of an indie/acoustic/americana tune. I can’t wait to track more with this couple! They’re some of my favorite humans. Fun fact – we ate at NOLA Brunch & Beignets before our session. It was magical.

Madelin Mae is a singer/songwriter out of San Angelo, TX. She has a stellar voice and has written a fantastic song called “Cactus Company” that we are tracking. It’s sort of Americana, atmospheric, and old-school country all mashed into a smorgasbord of musical joy. Excited to share this tune with the world! Fun fact – this tune will feature Milo Deering (player for LeAnn Rimes, Josh Abbott Band, Green River Ordinance, others) on pedal steel.

Wes Taylor and I worked together at University United Methodist in San Antonio, and now is the Director of Modern Worship there. We tracked the vocal for his lead single, “Written”, here at Splendid. Sounded magical. I can’t wait for the single to drop.

Jessica Paige is a singer/songwriter from Pennsylvania. She and I are about to start work on an electro-swing (with a rap bridge) single called “Trivial Pursuit”. I am very excited to get this started, it’s going to be an absolute blast!

Rich O’Toole is a popular TX country artist, with over 100,000 albums sold and multiple top 10 radio hits. I was fortunate enough to be asked to play some electric guitar on his forthcoming single, “California”, tracked at Stone Creek Sound (an amazing studio located in a literal cabin in the woods).
From a giggable perspective, I’ve got a few dates booked across Texas.

Grand Prairie (DFW area), TX
@ Firehouse Gastro Park w/ Zach Balch
321 W. Main St., August 30th @8pm

Dumas (1 hr. north of Amarillo), TX
@ First UMC Dumas
401 Binkley Ave., October 26th @ 6:30pm

Lake Jackson (1 hr. south of Houston), TX
@ Brew n Bake
145 Oyster Creek Dr., ste. 3, November 1st @ 7pm

Looking forward to filling up my calendar, getting plugged in with a local church, and doing life with a vast panoply of killer musicians and humans in the area. Love you all and excited to see what God has in store for me!

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