Stages Song Stories vol. 6 – Love Anyway

Howdy frans! I thought it’d be fun to do a series on the stories behind the tracks on Stages (be sure to download the album for FREE if you haven’t already!). It IS a concept album after all. It tells the story of a failed relationship from a very personal perspective. Today’s track is the last track on the album – “Love Anyway”.

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Love Anyway (Final stage – a process of introspection and renewal/rediscovery; contentment, completeness, joyfulness)

This tune was written as a love song to my future bride. It took time, but I got over my past relationship (which I knew I would. But boy, at the time it didn’t feel like it.). What I’ve learned is that these experiences truly help define you as a person. They help you make better decisions.

Never again will I enter into a relationship before I am complete in who I am and in who GOD is. I will not get wrapped up in the enamor and glorification of a relationship. I will never be anyone but myself. Compromise is one thing, but changing yourself is another. I will never hold myself to a lower standard than I deserve. I will never again think for even a second that there is only one person out there. I’m not perfect. No one is. We all have battle scars from the lives we’ve lived. I know I absolutely do. But my person will love me anyway.

Miss Katie Boyd absolutely KILLED the cello part on this tune (and basically, the rest of the record. And every other album I’ve recorded her on). I really like the constant movement between the relative major and minor keys. I like writing music that uses some off the wall progressions, but only if they have a purpose – only if they make me feel the right emotions. I’m weird that way I guess.


The broken scars upon my heart
I won’t soon forget
And she will see them clear as day,
but I know
she will love me anyway
These faded lines are not just mine
She won’t soon forget
but I’ll let her know that it’s okay
’cause I know
I will love her anyway

It will be just an ordinary day
we’ll see an extraordinary twist of fate
I know that you’ll be worth the wait

All I am, what I have been
draws me to you
Even counting past mistakes,
still I know
you will love me anyway

For you I would go the extra mile
’cause you’ve been out here all the while
I can’t wait to see you smile

I’ll try my best to be the man you need
so you can see what you mean to me
You’ll be mine and I’ll be yours
You’ll be the one my heart beats for

The broken scars upon my heart
I won’t soon forget
You will see them just the same
But I know
you will love me anyway
About the Stages EP: Practically everyone has experienced a failed romantic relationship. At every phase of Matt Adler’s own past failed relationship, he wrote a song. These tunes have been compiled into an indie rock EP – Stages. Through this album, the listener is able to gain insight into all phases: contentment and non-expectation, excitement and relational discovery, enamor, the end, bitterness, recovery, confidence in the future, and hope.

So many folks are in similar seasons of life. The hope and prayer is that these songs can speak to people, wherever they may be. It’s important to realize that you are not alone. You are never the only person that goes through something. And ultimately, for most, only one dating experience will ever actually be a success. It’s the failures that make you more aware of what you do need and want for your life. Your person is out there, living his/her life right now. You’re not going to miss him/her, so be patient and know that you are loved.

Best friends came together to arrange this album and to define a brand new sound, infusing indie rock and organic elements with electronic drums and soundscapes. Fans of Gungor, Imagine Dragons, The Afters, and Muse will enjoy this album. Download the album for FREE here!
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