…And That’s A Wrap!

Hi folks. I’m done. All recording and mixing for my upcoming EP, The Sound, is done. As we speak I’m sipping a celebratory cortado while my mixes upload to Sterling Sound’s servers in NYC.

I’ve been working on this project for awhile. I actually had a completed version of it that I… um… hated. So I dumped it and started from scratch, complete with a few different songs, a few different arrangements and ultimately with a completely different feel. This newest version has many influences stylistically – Gungor, Delirious, and Coldplay come to mind initially. But I could be completely wrong. I do know that it sounds like Matt Adler, so that’s a plus.

A bunch of people were involved in the creation of this record. I’m super thrilled with everyone’s contributions. You’re all awesome, both as musicians and people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time out of your busy lives to help me.

Special thanks (in no particular order):

Mah daddio, Tim Adler, for hitting that dang record button when I had to play or sing in the next room. Super happy that you were able to be involved.

Mister Mack Damon for giving my final mixes a once-over. I couldn’t hear sounds or feel feelings any more. You saved the day.

Steve Fallone @ Sterling Sound in NYC. Your mastering prowess knows no bounds. You are great at what you do and a cool dude as well. Thank you also for tweaking your schedule so I could meet my crazy deadlines.

Dave Brent for your amazing percussive talents. Your heart inspires me any time I’m around you. Thank you not only for your contributions to the record, but also for being an amazing friend outside of my musical world.

Cullen Constanzo, you sir are great at playing that dang ol’ git fiddle with a bow. Such an epic intro to the record!

Tony Neely: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you are awesome at bass. Nuff said. It’s been great getting to know you these last few months. You’re awesome! (Sorry your banjo tune didn’t make it onto the record, but it’ll be released as a single at a later date!)

Katie Boyd, you are my favorite cellist ever. Your contributions to my record (and other projects that have come through Splendid Studios) have been mind blowing. Thank you!

Brett Shudak, actuary by day and double bass extraordinaire by night. You’re an awesome dude. Thank you for your encouragement and contributions to my favorite song on the album!

The MAdler Choir: Chad Humphrey, Christine Gallagher, David Hernandez, Diana Adler, Gina Bain, Katy Reininger, Sarah Murphy, and Stacey Anderson. Your voices brought these tunes to the next level. I’m thrilled you were all able to be a part of my EP. I’m even more thrilled that you’re a part of my life. As friends. As co-worship leaders. And for one of you, as a mother (here’s looking at YOU Chad. I kid, I kid. Sorry mom.). I love you all!

Joel Houston and Michael Gungor for writing amazing music.

Richard Tobin, you sir are an album art design GENIUS. I’ll never use anyone else. Ever.

Kimberly Scott, why did you move to Seattle?! You’d BETTER visit San Antonio a bunch since you’re the only photographer in the world that can make me look not like a toadstool. Miss you tons already!

Rick Hutcherson for working around my schedule and being willing to help me duplicate these bad boys. You’re an awesome dude and I’m blessed to know you.

Ryan Proudfoot, thank you as always for your never ending support and encouragement. Our friendship the last two years has really been a great influence in my life. God has huge things in store for you.

Thank you ALL. You’re all a huge blessing in my life.

Most of all, thank you to my God. My Jesus. My everything. The amount of love You give me even though I don’t deserve it… it blows my mind. This album is dedicated to You, the maker of all things. “The hands that cradle the stars are the hands that bled for me.”

I can’t wait to share this project with the world. We’re on the home stretch! Be ready and mark your calendars for the CD release party on August 25th @ Sam’s Burger Joint. BOOM DIGGITY.

– M
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