The Sound

NOTE: Some of the information below is outdated. A shift in the direction of this record was set in motion on June 21, 2013!

Howdy do! As you may know, I have an EP coming out this August. My artwork extraordinaire Richard Tobin (he did the packaging for my Rearranged LP) asked for a synopsis of the record and I thought, “well hot dang, mah fans would love it if’n I shared these insights wit dem!” So here it is below for your enjoyment!

“The Sound” is the name of my upcoming EP. It is a more overtly Christian album than I’ve released in the recent past. I was always very much entrenched in the secular music scene (and still am). However, after going through all the crap I did that led to the Rearranged LP, I am now in the greatest season of my life. Ever. Single and happy, self-employed as a musician for a year now, paying the bills and living the dream. You can read a super abridged version of my story here. I have been blessed beyond all measure and therefore, I want to more directly praise God with the lyrical content of this album.

Track list –

1) Opening
2) Thank God
3) Love Will Find Me
4) The One That Got Away
5) The Sound
6) Make Up Your Own Mind
7) I Do

Opening is a minute long instrumental that melts faces.

Thank God is a super heavy track with a dubstep breakdown as the middle eight. It also melts faces. It’s about how I just can’t do it by myself. Never could, can’t ever. “Thank God I’m not my own and I’m not on my own” is the hook.

Love Will Find Me was released as a free demo a few months ago on my web site. It’s about how God has a girl in mind for me. I know it and He’s not going to let me miss her. I’d struggled with that a lot recently, being impatient with my situation. This song is a confession that I will not be looking for love. It’ll find me.

The One That Got Away is a story about a guy questioning the status of his relationship with a girl. He likes her but doesn’t know if it’s reciprocated. This song isn’t a true story. It’s a hopeful one. By the end, he comes to find that she feels the same way and won’t be the one that got away.

The Sound is a straight up praise and worship song to Jesus.

Make Up Your Own Mind was also released as a free demo, though this one on Noisetrade. It’s about a guy with an ego (perhaps there is a semi-biographical side to this song) that doesn’t like to let people make their own decisions. In the end he realizes he’s obnoxious for doing so.

I Do is similar in story to Love Will Find Me. It’s just a little less hopeful and a little more worried.

– Matt
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