Splendid Studios – October 2012 Shenanigans

Howdy folks!

I just wrapped up my 4th month of producing full time. It’s pretty much been the greatest thing ever. I’ve had the privilege of working with several awesome artists (Ryan Proudfoot, Chad Overman, Seleste Paige, Hannah Ramos, Josie Blanks, Elijah Zehring, Mike Flores, and about a billion other people. Sorry if I neglected to mention you by name. You are loved. Unless you’re a jerk.) and doing music all day, every day. I’m truly blessed.

Many of these projects are still “in progress”, but a couple have been released as of October 1, 2012 –

1) Ryan Proudfoot – “I Need You Now” single
2) Hannah Ramos – “You Are Faithful” EP

Recording these projects was an incredible experience.

Ryan Proudfoot‘s single was recorded nearly entirely during one single 15-hour, marathon recording session. We came to the studio one Saturday and went 9am to midnight. Once I had no feeling in my legs and could no longer hear sounds, we had to call it. After a couple hours the next week to wrap up harmonies, we were D-U-N-N. The single was released August 16, 2012 and has been very successful. Max Lucado even tweeted about it! 100% of the sales of this single go to support victims of human trafficking. Amazing song, amazing cause. Check it out.
Hannah Ramos‘ project was loads of fun. It was also cranked out in record time. We tracked her 5-song EP in 3 and a half weeks. Not only is Hannah an awesome person with an amazing voice, she has surrounded herself with equally amazing people and musicians (I’m looking at YOU Cullen and Berlin). The EP has four covers and one original tune. We wrote the title track of the EP one morning at Local Coffee. Cullen came up with the main lick that starts off the song and from there, it came together very quickly. After the writing session, we hung out a bit longer and I designed the packaging of the album (not my strong suit for sure, but I think it came out great!). The EP will be released online via iTunes and other outlets very shortly, so stay tuned.
– Matt

LATE EDIT: I just realized I designed the cover art for Proudfoot’s single release too. Neato!
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