Well I had a super duper time on the Good Job Texas show tonight! The show was broadcast from Studio 14hundred, which is a very cool place.

There is the Good Job Texas room, which is a studio that’s set up with high quality lighting, audio/video equipment and a green screen. There is also a nice recording studio (run by Al, an old friend that I didn’t realize operated out of this space) and an HD radio show that broadcasts from the same facility. It’s a really cool place that appears to be a hub for creative musical types here in good ol’ San Antone.

And to make life more insane, I re-met two guys I went to middle school with way back… like… 14 years ago. What a random chance interaction! So many coinky dinkies…

Anyways, great experience and great people. It was awesome meeting the new folks (Jeanette, Brandon, Daniel and about a million others) and saying hi to old friends (Al, Nick, Roy, Danny, etc…). Hope to see you soon!

– Matt
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