Kansas City Cassi – “Rearranged” Album Review




Dashboard Confessional
Straylight Run


“Well I am definitely a sucker for a good voice! I think in today’s music the voice is one of the things that is lacking and is why the majority of main stream music simply sucks. However, Matt is a nice change to the ears. Most of the Indie/Pop requests I get lack one thing: talent. Matt has the type of music you can blast in the car with the windows down and your mind on nothing but the moment.”

“My favorite track is by far ‘
Make up your own mind’ and I think his fans and followers will agree. That song delivers a more unique and distinctive sound for him that I think some of his other tracks lack. However, that isn’t the best thing aboout Matt’s music. The lyrics, to me, are what really sets a track apart and I can really relate to almost all of his songs. As an artist that is extremely important and I think he nails it pretty well.”

“I really enjoyed listening to the music and I just know it is a matter of time before he gets picked up by the right people and is making chart topping music. Matt has the looks, the voice and you can hear the carisma when he sings. Thanks for sharing your music with me Matt, it is in my personal Ipod already! 5 Stars from me!”

See the full review at: http://www.sanantoniosounds.kansascitycassi.com/mattadler.html
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