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If you’re having trouble, please click here for instructions for downloading the free Stages EP! -Matt

Download Instructions

To download the Stages EP for FREE, simply click the “Free Download” button in the window above. Once clicked, a very basic form will appear asking for your 1) Email Address, 2) Postal/Zip Code, and 3) Country. Fill in the correct values and click “Get A Download Code”. NOTE: be sure to provide a valid email address as the download link will be sent via email! At the end of the process you will be given an opportunity to leave a tip, if you are so inclined.

Matt Adler - Stages Cover


  1. Thanks so much for performing at Castle Hills Church yesterday! I really enjoyed your music and I’m looking forward to getting the free download! Thanks again!

  2. It is 3:14 in the morning, I was working on a 10 page research paper for General Psychology and I was having some trouble understanding the “levels-of-understanding” model which integrates secular and Christian views. Blah, blah, blah. So anyway, I started Googling around just to see how other people explained it. And I came across a blog. After reading the post, I explored the blog a bit further. One of the posts said “New Favorite Indie Artist” so, naturally, I clicked it because that’s the kind of thing I am apt to click. I started listening to the playlist. As I type this, the first song has finished and I am about halfway into the second song, and I am already planning to download this album which is apparently free because this is exactly the type of music I love to discover. I especially love the haunting instrumentals in “This is the Last Time”. Such a pleasant discovery to find such a good blend of style, emotion, and lyrics. I was not expecting to have such a good night. Amazing. Thanks for making this paper a little better.

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