What’s Going Down?! (Fall 2014 Edition)

Howdy all! Holy smokes it’s been awhile since I’ve made a new post to my blog. I’m a terrible social networker…

Epic Fail

Oh wells! Let’s do it to it! What’s the latest, you ask? Well…

1) The 8th Annual Hallow’s Eve Show! – well this sure was a blasty blast. Every year, local bands put on their “musical costumes” and play the Hallow’s Eve show AS another band. Me, the Daves, Tony, and guest electric player Eric went as Coldplay.

Matt Adler Band Plays Coldplay
Photo by: Intrigma Creative

Have you ever noticed that Coldplay’s lyrics are ciphers? They don’t really make a whole lot of sense. And as such, they are hard as CRAP to remember. I did pretty well memorizing the words, for the most part. But I just COULDN’T get all of Clocks’ lyrics memorized. Therefore, I hand wrote the words and taped them to the back of my guitar! See this sceenshot for proof –

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 1.29.53 PM
In My Place
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
Fix You

2) John David Martinez’s “Songs from the Shoebox” CD Release Show! – in April 2013 I started producing a full-length album for an amazing man named JD Martinez. The album finally dropped November 9th! JD had his release concert at the Brauntex Theater in New Braunfels, TX, and my band had the privilege of opening for this special day (I also played with JD’s band)! All ticket sales and a portion of the album proceeds went to help orphans in Peru. It was such an amazing night of music in a historic venue!

Matt Adler Band at the Brauntex Theater
Photo by: Andrea Martinez (Loft Photographie)

Matt Adler Band at the Brauntex Theater

3) Studio Shenanigans – praise God I have been super busy in the studio, tracking several projects since I returned from the Stages EP Summer Tour. I’ve been working on two full-length records and a myriad of singles and EPs as of mid-November. It’s been super fun digging into so many different styles simultaneously.

  • Ty Dillon is tracking a TX country album with me, featuring a variety of killer players in the industry (Austin Davis & James Hertless from the Josh Abbott Band, Marty Muse from Robert Earl Keen’s touring band, Wayne Dahl from Martina McBride’s touring band, and Milo Deering, prolific session musician – [Josh Abbott, Leann Rimes, Madonna]). Ty writes ridiculously great songs and memorable hooks that bely his young age. He’s flipping 20! Tracking should be completed by mid- or late-January.
  • John David Martinez and I have been working on his full-length, “Songs from the Shoebox vol. 1”, since April 2013. The album finally dropped November 9th, and it’s wonderful! Over several years JD had written a bunch of songs on scraps of paper/napkins and tossed them into a shoebox. That shoebox was lost in a move. He found the box years later and decided it was time to record the songs! This album will be available on iTunes soon. Currently you can purchase a physical copy at Community Bible Church in San Antonio, TX. A portion of all proceeds goes to help orphans in Peru.
  • Brandon Shasteen recorded a super duper fun project with me. Starting in July, we began work on an Advent album – A Festival of Lessons and Carols. What does that mean? Christmas music! Starting this summer and wrapping in late October, me and Brandon assembled a really cool collection of Christmas song/traditional hymn arrangements that tell the redemption story – from creation to the fall to God’s covenant with Abraham to the coming of Christ. Just a few weeks and this project will be released as well!
  • Elias Popa/Aaron Steinley just wrapped their project literally yesterday. This has been one of the most fun and fulfilling projects I’ve ever been a part of. Elias traveled to Asia for months (I think more than a year actually) to film a documentary about the persecuted church overseas. Then, last January, Aaron and I scored the music for the film’s trailer. Though from Canada, Aaron met Elias overseas and they decided to partner for this project. Over the past two weeks, we have hunkered down in the studio and cranked out 10 additional songs/snippets for the film. It is so epic, so moving, and so effective in telling the story of the persecuted church. I cannot wait to see the final film, complete with music! Last I heard, they were looking at a spring 2015 release. I’ll be sure to keep y’all posted on this development!
  • Andrew Reynosa was actually a guitar student of mine 11 years ago. He was also one of my very first production clients when I went full-time. We cut a single recently called “Everything You Love”. It is incredibly well written and very catchy. It’s a sort of energetic, bluesy, Americana track with raspy vocals and raw guitars. I really enjoyed laying this one down. We did it in just a few hours! Although it’s not yet for sale, you can stream it from his Reverbnation site here.
  • Freddy Echiverri released an EP with me a few months back and immediately we dove in to a full length release. The EP was very much an alternative rock album. This new record is definitely leaning in a different direction – ranging from catchy, 90s garage rock a la Weezer to heavier, Muse-y alternative tunes. Yet it all fits together. It’s always a blast having this guy in studio. His songs are always memorable and well-written.

4) Comin’ Down the Pike, we have a few cool things lined up…

  • November 21
  • – I’m playing an acoustic set at 10pm at Jack’s Patio Bar w/ Tera Ferna and Blue Shift.

  • December 11
  • – I’m playing the RAW Artists Showcase in Houston, TX @ Stereo Live.

  • December 12
  • – I’m playing at St. Philip Presbyterian Church in Hurst, TX w/ Paul Demer (he rocks my face).

  • December 18
  • – The lovely Dave Brent and I will be performing live on the air on the Live & Local show on KRTU 91.7, 10:30pm!

  • March 14
  • – The Adler Band is playing at the Come Alive in ’15 Youth Rally in Rockdale, TX (with Unspoken, JJ Weeks Band, and others)!

  • April 12
  • – The Adler Band is playing at St. Timothy Lutheran Church in Houston, TX!

We will be booking lots more shows in the coming weeks/months, as well as starting some new music stuffs. I can’t wait to see what’s in store and share it with ya! Thank you, as always, for the support and love!

Hugs and unicorns,

PS – If you haven’t seen it already, check out our new music video! –>

Matt Adler KTXT 88.1 (Lubbock, TX) Interview – August 2014

It was an absolute pleasure to hang out with Jackson @ KTXT 88.1 FM in Lubbock, TX last August. Listen in as we chat about the Stages EP and other albums, the San Antonio Spurs, the heart behind several of my songs, my favorite artists, influences, and other various musings. I also played a few acoustic tunes live, in-the-studio. Check it out! -M

Matt Adler Rocks The Block (UTSA Paisano Newspaper)

This is just a small snippet of the interview. Read the whole thing at the Paisano’s Web Site!


By: Jennifer Vannoy (Contributing Writer)

At Rock the Block, you’ll find three things that are crucial to surviving college: food, music and alcohol. The acre of grass occupied by food trucks and picnic tables was bustling with “Block Heads” enjoying their cuisine of choice while listening to the eight-band lineup.

I caught up with one of the acts – San Antonio’s own Matt Adler and his band, David Hernandez (keys), Dave Brent (drums), Tony Neely (bass), Katie Boyd (cello; yes, cello!) – after their amazing set. Their cool indie vibe makes any music lover instantly fall in love with them.

From Dubstep intros to eloquent lyrics, Matt Adler definitely brings something that fits in anywhere. Their new album, “Stages”, is available for free download on their website mattadlermusic.com. It’s definitely a must-listen.

Paisano: Do you have a favorite song to perform?

Matt Adler: I would say, for me, it’s “This is the Last Time”. It’s very just…it gets so big at the end. It’s very unexpected. I like the genre. I like the chord progressions. I like the loudness.
Dave Brent: For me, it’s kind of a tie between “Love Will Find Me”, “This is the Last Time” and “BTW” because of all the drumming I get to do in “BTW”.

P: What bands or artists have inspired you?

Tony Neely: Probably Gungor, Volcano Choir, Muse.
MA: Imagine Dragons.

TN: Yeah, we listened to a lot of Imagine Dragons and Volcano Choir while working on the new album.

Read the rest of the interview at: http://www.paisano-online.com/matt-adler-rocks-the-block/

Songwriter Adler to Show Off New Direction at Palace

“Singer-songwriter Matt Adler will return to Canyon with new EP “Stages” at an 8 p.m. Saturday show at Palace Coffee Co., 420 15th St.

On his ReverbNation page, Adler said the EP is “a concept album about all the stages of a failed relationship,” somewhat different than his previous music, which was more directly influenced by his Christian faith.

“I would say that though I’m a Christian artist and a Christian person, sometimes I write songs about life that may or may not directly reference God or Jesus,” Adler wrote.

The show is free.

For information, call 806-476-0111 or visit www.mattadlermusic.com.”

– Chip Chandler
Features Editor, Amarillo Globe News

Matt Adler (PopVulture Entertainment Network)

popVLTR: You’ve been making moves in San Antonio, how’d you get into music?

Matt Adler: I have always been surrounded by music, even at a young age. My mom has always sung in her church choir and my dad is an avid music listener. He has always had a “music room” in each house I lived in growing up, filled to the brim with thousands of CDs and records. He would also…Click here to read the entire article.