Matt Adler Rocks The Block (UTSA Paisano Newspaper)

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By: Jennifer Vannoy (Contributing Writer)

At Rock the Block, you’ll find three things that are crucial to surviving college: food, music and alcohol. The acre of grass occupied by food trucks and picnic tables was bustling with “Block Heads” enjoying their cuisine of choice while listening to the eight-band lineup.

I caught up with one of the acts – San Antonio’s own Matt Adler and his band, David Hernandez (keys), Dave Brent (drums), Tony Neely (bass), Katie Boyd (cello; yes, cello!) – after their amazing set. Their cool indie vibe makes any music lover instantly fall in love with them.

From Dubstep intros to eloquent lyrics, Matt Adler definitely brings something that fits in anywhere. Their new album, “Stages”, is available for free download on their website It’s definitely a must-listen.

Paisano: Do you have a favorite song to perform?

Matt Adler: I would say, for me, it’s “This is the Last Time”. It’s very just…it gets so big at the end. It’s very unexpected. I like the genre. I like the chord progressions. I like the loudness.
Dave Brent: For me, it’s kind of a tie between “Love Will Find Me”, “This is the Last Time” and “BTW” because of all the drumming I get to do in “BTW”.

P: What bands or artists have inspired you?

Tony Neely: Probably Gungor, Volcano Choir, Muse.
MA: Imagine Dragons.

TN: Yeah, we listened to a lot of Imagine Dragons and Volcano Choir while working on the new album.

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Songwriter Adler to Show Off New Direction at Palace

“Singer-songwriter Matt Adler will return to Canyon with new EP “Stages” at an 8 p.m. Saturday show at Palace Coffee Co., 420 15th St.

On his ReverbNation page, Adler said the EP is “a concept album about all the stages of a failed relationship,” somewhat different than his previous music, which was more directly influenced by his Christian faith.

“I would say that though I’m a Christian artist and a Christian person, sometimes I write songs about life that may or may not directly reference God or Jesus,” Adler wrote.

The show is free.

For information, call 806-476-0111 or visit”

– Chip Chandler
Features Editor, Amarillo Globe News

Matt Adler (PopVulture Entertainment Network)

popVLTR: You’ve been making moves in San Antonio, how’d you get into music?

Matt Adler: I have always been surrounded by music, even at a young age. My mom has always sung in her church choir and my dad is an avid music listener. He has always had a “music room” in each house I lived in growing up, filled to the brim with thousands of CDs and records. He would also…Click here to read the entire article.

In Review: Matt Adler (Violet Banana)

As you read in a previous post, we introduced you to and interviewed independent Christian pop-rocker, Matt Adler.

Now, we’re going to update you on the amazing things Matt has been up to.

Finding a great Christian rocker is often times a hit or a miss. As it is with all music, finding a good balance between religious beliefs and mainstream music can be quite a challenge. However, Matt Adler has…Click here to read the entire article.

Adding to Matt Adler (Violet Banana)

Ever since the tender age of 14, singer/songwriter Matt Adler has had a knack for writing songs with catchy melodies, lush instrumental arrangements and memorable harmonies. With influences ranging from brit pop and indie/acoustic artists to classical and eastern sounds, his music always remains interesting and energetic while staying firmly rooted in the indie/folk/pop genre.

Matt is a renowned guitar player in the city of San Antonio. His intricate instrumental lines coupled with his versatile voice (which can be soft and delicate as a whisper to powerful and commanding), his live experience is truly special.

In 140 characters or less, describe your sound:

Christian indie pop/rock with interesting sounds, haunting progressions, and (hopefully) catchy melodies.

You started writing songs at 14, did you have any musical background previous to that?

Though my parents were not particularly adept musicians, they surrounded me with music from a young age. I attribute my love of music to that. I was an avid listener and started learning guitar at age 8. I would say that my life did not become CONSUMED by music until I hit high school at age 13. I was the nerdy kid with the guitar on his back and a “Frank Gambale Jazz Guitar Improv Theory vol. 2″ book under my arm. But I never…Click here to read the entire article.